Sliding Window

A sliding window is basically made up of horizontal sashes that move sideways with the help of rollers at the bottom of the sashes. They can span from the floor to the ceiling, span entire walls or even come in the dimensions of a regular small window.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-track and multi-panel options to cover larger apertures.
  • Optimum usage of space as sashes do not open inwards/outwards instead they slide sideways.
  • Swift and smooth movement of sashes due to low friction between tracks and rollers.
  • Insulates against noise, dust, winds, heat, and pollution.
  • Available in variety of designs, colors, and hardware.
  • Made of UPVC, a new-age material which is low maintenance, termite proof, fade resistant.
  • A poor conductor of heat with negligible thermal expansion/contraction properties.
  • As a result, the product retains its shape, sheen, and color for years together.