Openable Window With Grill

A combination of security, safety, economical : The UPVC casement window with INTEGRATED GRILL built within the system itself. It's an innovation engineered specifically for Indian conditions to protect you from theft without sacrificing space & ventilation, while providing all the standard benefits of a casement window making it a complete solution for Indian homes.

Features & Benefits

  • Saves Space As Grill Is Fixed Within Window Frames Itself.
  • No Dust Accumulation In The Wall, Since Gap Between Window And Grill Is Avoided.
  • Building Weight Is Reduced As Outer Weight Of The Grill Is Reduced. As The Grill Is Fixed In The Window Frame Itself, 2” On All Side Is Reduced For Grill.
  • No Need Of Scaffolding Separately For Grill Fixing. Scaffolding Cost Will Be Highly Reduced.
  • No Extra Civil Work For Grill Fixing.
  • Quick And Easy Installation. So Project Duration Is Reduced.
  • Much More Safety Than Traditional Windows As It Is Difficult To Cut Both Grill And Upvc Frame.
  • Indirectly Cost & Weight Can Be Saved In Multi Storey Building Project.